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Join us as we Experience God in this Bible Study.

Adults Experiencing God:

  • Experiencing God is a 12-week study. 

  • FBC will host the Study over a 14-week time span allowing for "Catch Up" weeks after weeks 3 and 10; this will give those who jump in after the official start a time to join and give those who need extra time a chance for a strong finish.

  • The daily reading/journaling is set for 5 days per week but does not have to be M-F and no one will check up on your personal study notes.

  • Experiencing God groups will meet Starting Sunday Night January 22nd and meet weekly except February 5th and Easter Sunday.

  • Groups will include a ladies group led by Ms. Addie Welch at the Orchard, as well as other groups possibly by affinity as requested. Many of the groups will be co-ed or couples but not all. Groups will also be offered on-campus at the church and off-campus in homes and potentially local established places.

  • Groups are designed to be smaller and more personal when meeting; ideally 8-10 people, especially if meeting in homes based on home size and group desire.

  • The experience will have several Components: 

    • #1 – Daily time alone in the Bible Study Workbook each week, 

    • #2 – Weekly time in fellowship with a small group of people to watch the session follow-up video,

    • #3 – Regular times in the preaching of the Sunday morning messages to help us grow together, 

    • #4 – Ending Celebration of what God does in our lives and the life of our church family.

  • Each person needs their own workbook. Adult Books are $15.00 & include permissions for viewing all video sessions online.

  • The Experiencing God study includes 7 Realities and 12 Key verses that will enable participants to know and experience God like never before and have proven life changing in past participants.

  • Children will participate in Experiencing God alongside their parents. Suggestions will be provided to groups to engage kids and offer them a chance to be kids but also a part of the Experiencing God small groups.

Preteens / Teens Experiencing God:

  • Youth are encouraged to participate in Experiencing God in the Youth Version which is 8 sessions over the course of Study.

  • Youth will meet on Sunday nights as well with special activities across the time of study.

  • The youth books are $15.00 as well but different from the adult books. 

  • Youth sessions will be led either on-campus or in-home and a schedule is coming soon for the youth.

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